Things we like. You might like them too. You might not, but you'll never know until you try...

Oh and this hasn't been updated in, oh, years now. Maybe one day. Yes. Actually, just done a very very small and pathetic update in 2008... can't be bothered doing 'em all... you don't care anyway... and neither do I. 


DOWN TO KILL - Featuring a Gin Goblins guitarist!

OPIUM KITCHEN - Featuring a Gin Goblins bassist!

PINK DOGS - Featuring a Gin Goblins singer!


GIN GOBLINS - Our MySpys page... help The Man keep tabs on you by making public your every move, with 2000 photos of each step for added tedium. 

DEADHEAD COMICS - For all your comic needs, and the only comic shop we have a song named after. 

TURBONEGRO - Best fucking band to come along in years. Decades even. They're from Norway, and wear denim. But not in the way those cunts Status Quo wear denim.  Also essential is and TurboArchive. Actually, the last few albums haven't been very good.

THE DAMNED - Back at their best again... check 'em out. Also check out Sugar & Spite to see my ramblings.

THE GERMANS - Rat Scabies' new band... fuckin' rockin' Stooges/MC5/garagey punk rock from the drummer extraordinaire. 

TRIBE TATTOOS - The only place we would allow to draw on us in a permanent fashion. 

HAWKWIND - They'll fry your mind, boy. 

PENETRATION - Back after decades of not being back! Great vintage punk rock.

KING OF THE BOP - Online jukebox with plenty great Garage & Punk tunes for yer bopping requirements.

INDYMEDIA - Forget yer right-wing bullshit newspapers... read this instead. Sun readers don't bother, just kill yourself. 

NEWTOWN GRUNTS - Excellent ska punk band previously from Glenrothes. Now more sensibly from Edinburgh. Ska-punk is generally fucking shit due to it's ten-a-penny prevalence. The Grunts are great however. Or they were as the case may be. 

PUNK IN SCOTLAND - Like it fucking says dumbo, a website on Punk In Scotland. Bands, gig listings... I'm sure you can work it out.

THE DICKIES - Still going strong... I say again, we love the Dickies! And they need to get  a new site done. 

INNER CITY UNIT - Acid Punk... download everything they've ever done from here. Or not as the case may be... I think most of it has been taken down.

S.C.A.B Zine - From Novi Sad, Serbia comes the great S.C.A.B. zine.... lotsa inteviews, reviews etc, including US!!

ROKY ERICKSON - The Goblins have covered Roky songs many times, go here to find out about the original horror rocker. 

TRAKMARX  - Punk/Garage/RocknRoll... interviews, articles etc. New issue every month... always a good read. 

STRANDED RECORDS - Edinburgh's premier purveyor of punk playables is BACK! New CD comp out now...

KARLOFF - Great horror punk n rock n roll from the granite city...